November 16, 2013

License to Like

I like.

I like those who like. Infact, in the badlands of coastal Andhra Pradesh, they call me the 'Like Liker of the Likeless Like'

I like myself. To embrace life, one needs to embrace oneself first. And I am constantly striving to achieve this in full light of a recorded narrative - and as a result, acquire awesomehood. Last weekend, I participated in a four legged race. The week before I took photography lessons.  My accomplishments are no longer suspiciously hard to verify.

I like Modi. The other option I had was to reduce salt from my diet. The choice was obvious. He is a man capable of breathtaking feats. He can roll out his tongue and touch his forehead . (He can touch yours if you want him to.)

The other day, I bought myself a Modi kurta. It was a divine experience. It was like God himself spun the yarn and imprinted his legacy. I had this powerful urge emerging from deep within my soul  - to develop. I had to develop something. Code, country kuch bhi.

I sneezed. It worked ! I developed a cold. I liked.

I like India. Not the India that is but the India that would have been if a few select incidents in History were different. I was so wronged. So, was your uncle. Talking of history, did you know that France was originally a part of the Indian subcontinent ? And that due to tectonic shifts and Arab conspiracy, we had to eventually cede control ?

There wernt any pictures from those times or else I'd catch you by the sleeve and show you. A picture speaks a thousand words. Or sometimes 60 gazillion. Anyway, nothing else can explain the feeling of ease of an Indian customer in a French branded store. "auntiji, ye lijiye aapka louis vuitton white large ."  "Merci beaucoup."

I like shopping. When I have nothing to do, I go to malls. Which technically means, I'm always at a mall. They have everything i like.  Food courts, movie theatres, branded shops and a bodhi tree. Once I overcome my desires, I sit under the bodhi tree.

Last time I went shopping, i bought the iPhone 19.7 G. It came with a free toothbrush and a toilet paper. I like iPhone. It is not only a good friend but a trusted advisor, a critic, a well wisher and an integral member of my family. I like the new feature - the one where a pair of hands come out from the sides to give you a hug. Sniff.

And you wont believe the quality of the camera. It feels like I'm the picture and the reality is inside the phone.

And finally, I like poetry. Here is one written by Modi himself during the time he was healing lepers with his miraculous touch.

The soul selects her own society.
And then shuts the door;
On her divine majority.
Obtrude no more.

Super like chhe.


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