August 09, 2005

The Rain Was Raining

Yes.The rain was raining.And it hit the people hardly :-) Boyfriends got slapped for not being able to pick up their friends on time(I think).Mummies and aunties started praying rigorously for the rains to stop so that the shooting of their favourite soap 'Kahaani Chudelon Ki' didn’t get delayed further.Apparently the shooting was put on hold because the lead character 'The Baap' ,the lead charectress 'The Maa' and all kinds of assorted chintu-pintus who decided to try their hand at acting after being unable to clear the engineering entrance exam in their respective states, couldn’t make it to the sets because of heavy rains in Mumbai.Project Leader Veer Pratap Singh's dream of going home was shattered yet again as he got stranded in the dense traffic.He got so pissed off that he turned his car when he was halfway through and headed back to office.I'm so sorry for the prospective Zaara Hayat Khan because shes gonna have to clean up all the cobwebs that have been lying there for months. The roads were jam packed, autowallahs were hurling their favourite bitchy swears at each other, cars acquired new dents,RTC drivers were desperately trying to somehow lead their bus to its "final destination". And while the world was watching stale 'Kyonki' episodes in sheer horror,I,Sajid Hussain, a sensible man, decided to go out and have a chicken Biryani.

Of all the things in all the towns in all the worlds, why chicken biryani?Because thats what the soul of a true Hyderabadi is made of :D..No matter how much you try to impress your non male friend(s) by ordering a Lasagne at an Italian joint or a Fajitas at an exotic mediterranean restaurant along with garlic bread and iced tea(The more vaguely sounding dishes you order,the more smarter you are supposed to be) and displaying your artistic skills at the fork and the knife and if the situation demands, a pair of chopsticks(obviously if she likes chinese food then your favourite dish would be 'Chow Hu Ki Fang' - something which you've tried a night before along with your chaddi friend and got the name by heart.), it is chicken biryani that gives us all the final kick.It is spicy, it is hot, it is filling, it is cheap,it is nutritious and above all it is tasty.And most of all you dont need any stimulating ambience(pronounce it whatever way u like,I dont care) to enjoy it.You just need an empty stomach, fifty rupees and a complete disregard for your waist.

Well,sorry for diverting but where was I?Oh I repeat - while all the women bit their nails anxiously awaiting for a fresh episode of 'Kahaani Chudelon Ki' where the fate of the affair between Rahul Singhania who came back from the U.S after completing his M.B.A to manage his dad's beedi factory and the absolutely flawless Seema Arora(meaning she has all the good qualities expected from an ideal Indian girl like maa-baap ke charan choona, mehmaano ko chai baatna etc., etc.,) would be decided ,I set off on an arduous journey on a rainy day through the thick of the Hyderabadi traffic on my kinetic honda to a place called Bahar - a small,inexpensive Irani food joint on the way to Hyderguda.After an exhilarating journey with the usual stopping at the signal and non signal points and flashing a 180 degree smile at chicks stopping right beside you and receiving back a 'Hmmmpf' along with a terrible stare(The trick always seems to work with Hrtitik Roshan and John Abraham but not with me...All those claims made by these toothpaste companies in their ads arent true I tell you..) I finally arrived at the restaurant.The place cannot boast of any exotic interiors,nor do they play Floyd and Doors, a charecteristic not appreciated by most of the funkey dudes out here.They just serve good food.Also you dont have to apply talcum powder before heading to this place because you are highly unlikely to come across anyone good looking here.Remember,all those chicks have crowded around Sanjay Singh who is ordering mashed potatoes and french salmon at Fusion 9.Neways I ordered a portion of you know what,hogged and hogged,had a glass of lassi and chabaoued a hyderabadi isweet paan.Happy and satiated,I headed home. (An abrubt ending aint it?)

So if you are a non veg eating narcissist who doesnt mind growing a pot belly, you know where to head when you feel hungry the next time.


Blogger Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Sajid, you must show this post to the manager at Bahar and ask for a free lunch. Next time I visit Hyderabad (which I guess will be sometime in September), I will definitely head there, although my friends had shown me 'Paradise' last time. Those saas-bahu serials will surely kill someone some day. But is it raining that bad in Hyderabad? I mean, I saw something called 'rains' in Mumbai, but it ain't that bad there, right?

Keep these coming, yaar... they are really too good!

1:37 AM  
Blogger Dijas said...

> But is it raining that bad in Hyderabad?
No it aint.But its been a while since we Hyderabadis witnessed rains.So even 6cm is a huge bonus for us.
Neways you should check out this soap called 'Kukumati ki kahaani' on the Great Indian Comedy Show.Its really funny.

2:04 AM  
Blogger Ravi said...

Hi Sajid..Keep it up man ...might be the best abstract review that Bahar ever got ....wait for a month so that I can join you over there(Guys here planning to keep me for 6 months)...Probably u should also start writing reviews for RGV movies ...may be a script someday

12:04 PM  
Blogger vijay kongara said...

OK....i know you did not go to Bahar on your own. Who was giving the treat and who was getting it??

1:38 PM  
Blogger Shashi said...

finally remembered my passwd,so whts up and nice post

1:26 AM  
Blogger Tanveer said...

Wonderful post. I love your writing Sajid. I was all over my desk in laughter. It is lunch time and your post has made me hungrier. So off I go.

1:13 AM  
Blogger Alpha0 said...

Biryani Biryani Biryani
Allah ko pyari hai biryani.

2:46 AM  
Blogger ABSOLUT_RC said...

Your majesty, I will be in hyd from 10th to 17 of Sep..plz make urself vela for sometime so that we can meet up. Saale, akele akele biryani ya fir kisi ke saath huh?

9:35 PM  
Blogger ABSOLUT_RC said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Shashi said...

He is always vella..only puts up an act for some people.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Dijas said...

U got my number right? Just gimme a ring and behold, u got me..

4:32 AM  

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