May 13, 2005

The Crippled Warrior

Mirth no dearth, ye warrior returns
Submerged in guilt, the kingdom beckons,
breezy at ease, he treads along,
musing, the fruition of a combat, long
Singing along the elegy of the arena

ignorant, not innocent, the peasants embrace
thy valour, an epitome of courage and grace,
hand him the sickle, ye shalt now reap,
harvest seeds of battle sown so deep,
Singing along the anthem of the arena

Spirited, not skeptical, he picked his tool,
dawn of a pursuit no time to drool,
chaperoned, in the valley, by the shepherd,
skills of trade, thy trooper learned,
Singing along the ballad of the arena

Sickle conquers sword, dishonour! dishonour!
an art bygone, the spirit obscure,
the midst of the travail, thy zest detached,
A craft unknown, withdrawn and subdued,
Singing along the elegy of the arena.


Blogger Shashi said...

Abe o saale..kitne dhin tak bas yee poem rehega.

7:40 PM  

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